Syntax Declarations


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It is now possible to declare user-defined syntax that binds identifiers. Example:

record Σ (A : Set) (B : A  Set) : Set where
  constructor _,_
  field fst : A
        snd : B fst

syntax Σ A (λ x  B) = [ x  A ] × B

witness :  {A B}  [ x  A ] × B  A
witness (x , _) = x

The syntax declaration for Σ implies that x is in scope in B, but not in A.

You can give fixity declarations along with syntax declarations:

infix 5 Σ
syntax Σ A (λ x  B) = [ x  A ] × B

The fixity applies to the syntax, not the name; syntax declarations are also restricted to ordinary, non-operator names. The following declaration is disallowed:

syntax _==_ x y = x === y

Syntax declarations must also be linear; the following declaration is disallowed:

syntax wrong x = x + x

Syntax declarations can have implicit arguments. For example:

id :  {a}{A : Set a} -> A -> A
id x = x

syntax id {A} x = x  A

Unlike mixfix operators that can be used unapplied using the name including all the underscores, or partially applied by replacing only some of the underscores by arguments, syntax must be fully applied.