Guarded Type Theory


This is a stub.

Option --guarded extends Agda with Nakano’s later modality and guarded recursion based on Ticked (Cubical) Type Theory [2]. For its usage in combination with --cubical, see [1] or the example.

The implementation currently allows for something more general than in the above reference, in preparation for the ticks described in [3].

Given a type A in the primLockUniv universe we can form function types annotated with @tick (or its synonym @lock): (@tick x : A) -> B. Lambda abstraction at such a type introduces the variable in the context with a @tick annotation. Application t u for t : (@tick x : A) B is restricted so that t is typable in the prefix of the context that does not include any @tick variables in u. The only exception to that restriction, at the moment, are variables of interval I, or IsOne _ type.


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