The Agda Team and License

Agda 2 was originally written by Ulf Norell, partially based on code from Agda 1 by Catarina Coquand and Makoto Takeyama, and from Agdalight by Ulf Norell and Andreas Abel.

Agda 2 is currently actively developed mainly by (in alphabetical order):

  • Andreas Abel

  • Guillaume Allais

  • Liang-Ting Chen

  • Jesper Cockx

  • Matthew Daggitt

  • Nils Anders Danielsson

  • Amélia Liao

  • Ulf Norell

  • Andrés Sicard-Ramírez

  • Andrea Vezzosi

Agda 2 has received major contributions by the following developers, amongst others. Some contributors have pioneered a feature which shall be mentioned here. But many have worked on these features for improvements and maintenance.

  • Andreas Abel: termination checker, sized types, irrelevance, copatterns, erasure, github workflows, stackage

  • Guillaume Allais: warnings, pattern guards, interleaved mutual blocks, standard library 1.0 and above

  • Stevan Andjelkovic: LaTeX backend

  • Miëtek Bak: Agda logo

  • Marcin Benke: original “Alonzo” compiler to Haskell

  • Jean-Philippe Bernardy: syntax declarations

  • Guillaume Brunerie

  • James Chapman

  • Liang-Ting Chen: github workflows

  • Jesper Cockx: rewriting, unification --without-K, recursive instance search, reflection, Prop, cumulativity

  • Catarina Coquand: Agda 1

  • Matthew Daggitt: standard library 1.0 and above

  • Nils Anders Danielsson: efficient positivity checker, HTML backend, highlighting, standard library, --erased-cubical, performance improvements

  • Dominique Devriese: instance arguments

  • Péter Diviánszky: web frontent, variable declarations

  • Robert Estelle: refactoring of backends, main driver

  • Olle Fredriksson: Epic compiler backend

  • Paolo Giarrusso

  • Adam Gundry: pattern synonyms

  • Daniel Gustafsson: Epic compiler backend

  • Philipp Hausmann: treeless compiler, UHC compiler backend, testsuite runner, Travis CI

  • Kuen-Bang Hou “favonia”

  • Patrik Jansson

  • Alan Jeffrey: JavaScript compiler backend

  • Wolfram Kahl

  • Wen Kokke

  • John Leo

  • Fredrik Lindblad: Agsy proof search “Auto”

  • Víctor López Juan: “tog” prototype, markdown frontend, documentation

  • Amélia Liao: maintenance of Cubical Agda

  • Ting-Gan Lua

  • Francesco Mazzoli: “tog” prototype

  • Stefan Monnier

  • Guilhem Moulin: highlighting

  • Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg: pattern lambdas, warnings

  • Ulf Norell: Agda 2

  • Nicolas Pouillard: module record expressions

  • Jonathan Prieto: Agda package manager

  • Christian Sattler

  • Andrés Sicard-Ramírez: Agda releases, stackage, Travis CI

  • Makoto Takeyama: Agda 1, Emacs mode, “MAlonzo” compiler to Haskell, serialization

  • Andrea Vezzosi: Cubical Agda, Agda-flat, Agda-parametric, Guarded Cubical Agda

  • Noam Zeilberger: pattern lambdas

  • Tesla Ice Zhang

The full list of code and documentation contributors (close to 200) is available at or from the git repository via git shortlog -sne. Numerous further individuals have contributed to Agda by reporting issues, building backends and editor support, packaging Agda etc.

The Agda license is here.