You need recent versions of the following programs to compile Agda:

You should also make sure that programs installed by cabal-install are on your shell’s search path.

For instructions on installing a suitable version of Emacs under Windows, see Installing Emacs under Windows.

Non-Windows users need to ensure that the development files for the C libraries zlib* and ncurses* are installed (see and Your package manager may be able to install these files for you. For instance, on Debian or Ubuntu it should suffice to run

apt-get install zlib1g-dev libncurses5-dev

as root to get the correct files installed.

Optionally one can also install the ICU library, which is used to implement the --count-clusters flag. Under Debian or Ubuntu it may suffice to install libicu-dev. Once the ICU library is installed one can hopefully enable the --count-clusters flag by giving the -fenable-cluster-counting flag to cabal install.

Installing Emacs under Windows

A precompiled version of Emacs 24.3, with the necessary mathematical fonts, is available at .