Debian / Ubuntu

Prebuilt packages are available for Debian testing/unstable and Ubuntu from Karmic onwards. To install:

apt-get install agda-mode

This should install Agda and the Emacs mode.

The standard library is available in Debian testing/unstable and Ubuntu from Lucid onwards. To install:

apt-get install agda-stdlib


Agda is packaged in Fedora (since before Fedora 18).

yum install Agda

will pull in emacs-agda-mode and ghc-Agda-devel.


Agda is part of the Nixpkgs collection that is used by To install Agda and agda-mode for Emacs, type:

nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -iA haskellPackages.Agda

If you’re just interested in the library, you can also install the library without the executable. The Agda standard library is currently not installed automatically.


Homebrew provides prebuilt packages for OS X. To install:

brew install agda

This should take less than a minute, and install Agda together with the Emacs mode and the standard library.

By default, the standard library is installed in /usr/local/lib/agda/. To use the standard library, it is convenient to add /usr/local/lib/agda/standard-library.agda-lib to ~/.agda/libraries, and specify standard-library in ~/.agda/defaults. Note this is not performed automatically.

It is also possible to install --without-stdlib, --without-ghc, or from --HEAD. Note this will require building Agda from source.

For more information, refer to the Homebrew documentation.